The FMXMail system is based on open source software. This avoids expensive licence costs and allows us to provide this service at a fair price.

The regular account includes 2000 email accounts, a disk usage of 10GB (2000 email accounts with a quota of 5MB) and 1 handled domain. The FMXMail system works with soft limit, that means that once the maximum number of accounts or the maximum disk usage is reached you will not be blocked, but FMX will contact you to extend your account.

If you have more than one domain you can make them point to the same mailbox.

The account setup is free, if you have an existing web site and the data is avaible, FMX will use it to give the webmail system the same design.

Emails: Diskspace: Price / month:
700 3.5 GB 200.- CHF
    135.- €
2'000 10 GB 400.- CHF
    270.- €
4'000 20 GB 800.- CHF
    540.- €
6'000 30 GB 1200.- CHF
    810.- €
8'000 40 GB 1600.- CHF
    1080.- €
10'000 50 GB 1800.- CHF
    1215.- €
1 supplementary domain 200.- CHF
  135.- €
Unsupported changes 140.- CHF / hour
  95.- € / hour
For more emails account the price are avaible on request.
NB: All prices are not including tax. Swiss customers need to add 7.6% VAT. For foreign customers no tax needs to be added.
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