The usual FMXMail system with all personalisations can be up in less than 1 week.

Here are the major features of the FMXMail system grouped by subject:

  • Newsletter
  • Custom login screen
  • Email trailer
  • Webmail
  • POP3 / IMAP
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • Mail interface
  • Address book
  • Calender
  • Notepad / Memo
  • Task list
  • Subscription interface
  • Subscription approval
  • Account size limit
  • Account expiration
  • Email forwarding
  • English
  • French
  • German

Advertising System:

The first point of interesst for you is to advertise directly to your customers. This mail system is interesting for you because it allows to communicate with your customers and their contacts on a simple way.

An easy to use newsletter system is avaible which allows you to quickly send out an email to all of your accounts. It also has a test function avaible so you can see exacly how your newsletter will look like.

Everytime your customers want to read their mail, they will have to pass the login screen of course. FMXMail allows you to customise their login screen with your information. You can set a title, text and an image. Have a look at the screenshot section to see examples.

Your customer subscribes to an account to send out emails. With this system you can add a trailer to every email sent out via webmail. So your customers advertise your company to their friends. This is done with a simple form to fill out. Once saved the trailer is directly live.


Mail System:

The email system is based on a well-tested mail server named Postfix. It allows quick email delivery, even at high load. This mail server also provides smtp authetification for outgoing mail traffic.

It is possible to access your mail over the well known POP3 protcol as well as by the less known IMAP protocol. This allows you to use your account with a mail client like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc ...

In a perfect world there would be no unwanted email, however the world is as it is and sooner or later an email account will be sent spam mails. FMXMail uses several techniques to filter out spam. During our live test we noticed that over 94% of unwanted emails got recognized and less than 1% of real email has been flagged as spam.
The spam mail are not bounced back or directly deleted. Their subject is altered to show clearly that it's spam and delivered in the "Spam" folder. All spam mail older than 5 days in this folder get deleted.

During the field test the anti-virus caught every single virus coming in by email, not a single one got trough ! However against viruses there is no 100% protection. The virus database gets updated automatically every hour.



The webmail used for this system is from the horde project. Every valid account has access to webmail

This webmail is open source and is often updated to correct bugs or add some features. It's easy to use and still powerful. FMXMail comes with some useful tools. An address book to store the contacts, an agenda for your appointments with a day, week and month overview, a memo system to store some notes and a task list.

Take a look to the screenshot page to see the different applications.


Email accounts:

Handling more than a hundred email accounts starts to be tricky. FMXMail was built to do this task for you. Everyone can simply fill out a form to subscribe to an account providing some personal information. Every subscription needs an approval from your side to avoid that people get accounts belonging to your company like secretary, invoice, and so on. FMXMail provides you with a simple interface to react on the pending accounts.

Every email account has a size limit set to 5MB. However you can enlarge your own account to up to 20MB. At the usage of 90% you will receive a warning. When the mailbox is full the incoming mails are bounced back.

Each email account holder needs to login at least once every 30 days otherwise the account expires. The emails are deleted and incoming emails are bounced back. After 60 days the mailbox and all data from the other application will be deleted and the email address freed for a new subscription. It's possible to flag your email account to avoid it expiring.

You can redirect your email with our system. For exxample redirecting to your regular mailbox.



The complete FMXMail system, webmail as well as the administration interface is available in English, French and German.

In close future Italian and Dutch will be avaible too.

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